With a dedicated team of writers, GTP offers up more great entertainment sites than you can shake a stick at! You’ll find gossip, television, and movie news with daily updates as well as a variety of reality television news sites. If you’re in to entertainment, then we’ve got you covered.

Reality Television News sites:

Big Brother Network website
Big Brother Network: Reality TV
Few reality television shows are as addictive or enjoy the following as that of CBS’ Big Brother. With around the clock events going on in the BB house there’s always something to keep up on. Share the show and its spoilers with other fans at: Big Brother Network.
Survivor Fandom website
Survivor Fandom: Reality TV
Survivor is one of the biggest names in the reality TV genre with its position as the original, competitive reality show. With the show on several times a year we wanted to make a place for the fans to live. That place is Survivor Fandom!
American Idol Net website
American Idol Net: Reality TV
American Idol on FOX was easily the biggest, most watched reality television series ever. Every week throughout the season AIN kept fans of the show updated with the latest results and gossip at: American Idol Net.
Big Brother Access website
Big Brother Access: Reality TV
We’ve teamed up with Big Brother Access to keep one of the longest running Big Brother fan sites alive and going. Like we’ve said before, you can never have too much Big Brother and that goes for great sites too.

Daily Entertainment News sites:

Small Screen Scoop
Small Screen Scoop: Television
Stay on top of television news with recaps, reviews, and, of course, scoops. Updated throughout the week with the best stuff happening on TV so you never miss a thing. Be sure to get your daily Small Screen Scoop.
Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Hills: Movies & Television
Find out what’s going on in the movie and television industry right now. All the latest movie details and trailers along with what’s coming up in television. Best of all, we do it at a safe distance, from the Hollywood Hills.
Reality Rewind
Reality Rewind: Reality TV
There’s never a moment between Reality Rewind’s coverage of the best Reality Television. Seasons of our favorites might come and go, but as soon as one is over another is popping up! We’ll keep you covered on the latest news no matter what the show is.
Snark Food
Snark Food: Celebrity Gossip
Celebrities are better than you and me, at least that’s what I read. Time to bring them down a peg or two with some not so gentle jabs and pokes all in good fun. Feed your inner snark with Snark Food.